Your help changed my life.
Dear Norwalk Housing Foundation Scholarship Committee:
I can never say it enough. I am truly honored, blessed and much obliged for the aid the Norwalk Housing Foundation has provided me over the years. Your guidance has significantly eased my college life for the better and without your ongoing support I would not have made it this far. I am excited to start my last semester at RIT. I plan to graduate with a strong finish and anticipate enrolling in as many advanced database and security courses as possible in preparation for my newborn career at JPMorgan. Thank you again to the entire Norwalk Housing Foundation, your help changed my life.

The Norwalk Housing Authority provides affordable housing both in our residences and through Section 8, providing rent subsidies in the form of housing assistance payments in rental apartments. In addition NHA owns and manages 18 properties throughout Norwalk helping over 2,000 families citywide.

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Home Ownership
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The Norwalk Housing Authority provides a range of educational opportunities for residents of assisted housing in Norwalk including free after school programs and enrichment programs for children. In addition, the dream of a college education is now possible for Norwalk Housing Authority residents, thanks to the Norwalk Housing Foundation College Scholarship Program.

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Early Childhood
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Learning Center Art Gallery
The Norwalk Housing Foundation solicits funding to provide resources for the education and economic empowerment of public housing recipients in Norwalk.

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